By discovering the world of illustration you´ll rapidly learn about what makes an art-piece interesting or worth to look twice. Illustration is mostly about picking a tiny little detail out of our fussy world and presenting it by clearly focusing on the message it will bring to the recipient’s thoughts. For so, good and recognizable style is more important than perfect drawing skills. INDIE’s top five illustrators connect inside thoughts and outside situation, they know how to play with color and form and have strong messages.

1. Fran Munyoz

One big sujet of Spain based artist Fran Munyoz is ‘relationship’. The gentle pastel colors and light grey tones he uses for his illustrations contrast outer appearance with the deep, mostly melancholic thoughts they transport. Although lots of the drawn bodies remind of greek sculptures, they all have this specific dynamic moment.


2. Natalie Foss

By experimenting with almost every color-contrast, Norwegian based illustrator Natalie creates emotional portraits with ambiguous messages. Her caged, lonely girls, double eyed aliens and star filled bodies shine in bright crayon colors and they´re full of social criticism and deep insights into the human nature.


3. Kimischalla (KJPUR)

Kimiya Justus does not limit herself to paper and pen. In little videos she brings her illustrations to live. By painting on photos, she gives them a colorful new look, which supports the feeling of the captured moment. Most of her illustrations refer to moments of social or political importance. They make tough and complex situations understandable, easy to remember or put them in a funny or ironic context.


4.   J_u_a_e

J_u_a_e´s Illustrations are the perfect example how to bring a thousand thoughts to just to a few lines. The minimal details of hands, animals and faces are equally simple as exact – in message and style.

Ein von 줴줴 (@j_u_a_e) gepostetes Foto am

Ein von 줴줴 (@j_u_a_e) gepostetes Foto am


5. Luisa Castellanos

Luisa creates personalities. It seems like her little illustrations speak about their origin, their culture and their feelings while you’re watching them. For her own clothing line she usually draws everyday items in a colorful way and puts them together in fashionable all over patterns.

 All images via Instagram

By Clara Becking

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