Jessica Dettinger is a unique artist. After graduating at a Fashion Design School in Germany, she actually wanted to continue her studies in Menswear at Londons Royal College of Art. When the university accepted her, she rejected, moved to München instead and started her own fashion label form of interest – a brave step. Since that time, Jessica creates art by mixing fashion design, subtle political statement and philosophical approaches with a tang of irony. The fact that she sees fashion design as a process, a constant questioning and as a combination between the textile, free art, science and self-discovery, gives her designs a distinctive aesthetic. It’s this very combination of different subjects that makes her conceptual art interesting, moving, unforgettable.

“Tennis – bei Aufschlag Liebe”, created by video artist Jovana Reisinger, who also performs as donna euro and Maximilian Bungarten, is the best example for that certain style of conceptual art. In the amusing short-film they present the new collection by form of interest – a mix of light fabrics and sharp minimal cuts, accompanied by smooth, bass heavy music. A persiflage that reveals established social standards and spotlights Jessica’s talent designing cool pieces at once.

Photo via form of interest

By Clara Becking