Only five years ago we lost the sweet soul, Amy Winehouse. The singer who lived a wild life of drugs, alcohol and night life while making music that touched us all. We believe it’s safe to say everyone of us fell for her melodic feeling and mourned when the world lost her at the eerie age of 27. That september following the loss, the Amy Winehouse Foundation was opened by the Winehouse family, dedicated to keep her memory alive while passing on the message.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation focuses on the following points:

1. To inform and educate young people about the effects of drug and alcohol misuse, as well as to support those seeking help for their problems and those needing on-going support in their recovery

2. To provide support for those most vulnerable, including those who are disadvantaged through circumstance or at high risk of substance misuse

3. To support the personal development of disadvantaged young people through music.

Now just about 5 years later, a second home has been opened in East London, called “Amy’s Place” also dedicated to those struggling with the same issues. We hope this moving project is an eye opener to those suffering the same.

By Olive Duran

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