More and more we stumble across young talent. We’re talking really young, there’s more than certainly a wave of underaged talent flooding the web. Perhaps the aptness has always been there but with social media the ability to go public with your skills at a young age is endless and that’s why we see all these teenyboppers ruling the game. No matter what the reason the juveniles are ruling the game and they are here to stay. This week we lined our personal top 5 teen insta stars up.

Alexis Jea

Miss Alexis Jae is one of New York’s youngest aspiring stylists and famed model/cool kid. At the tender age of 17 this babe has managed to snag an article on and a reputation most kids can only dream of. With a following of over 30K on Instagram this baby girl is working it and we can’t wait to see what will become of her once the big 18 hits.

Too bright

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Jules Spector

Jules Spector is the second teen on our list that is way ahead of the game. This native New Yorker is a fierce and fiery feminist working on several incredible projects at the moment. At the ripe age of 16 Jules has managed to be part of the 2013/14 class of Teen Advisors for United Nations Foundation organization Girl Up, a Be Loud Ambassador and an editor for School of Doodle. That’s not all, Miss Spector is also an intern for the Harnisch Foundation, a nonprofit that benefits women all over the world. And as if all of that wasn’t enough she started her own blog that helps empower and inspire other young feminists. This kid is a force to be reckon with and we are mayor fans!

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Jazz Jennings 

Jazz Jennings is teen pioneer when it comes to gender roles and LGBT rights. She has been in the public eye ever since her 2007 interview with Barbara Walters and has become the youngest person to publicly document their journey being gender dysphoric. Over the years Jazz has become a national figure for transgenders, no small feat for a girl of just 15. Apart from hosting her own Youtube channel “I am Jazz” and starting in the TLC reality show by the same name, Jazz is the honorary co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation and founded Purple Rainbow Tails, a company in which she fashions rubber mermaid tails to raise money for transgender children. She is making a huge impact on America by being public with her battles and we applaud her. Go Jazz go!


Willow Smith

How could we not include the one and only Willow Smith in our underaged cool kid influencer list?! When it comes to Willow it doesn’t get much cooler than her. She is a female activist, an environmentalist, a singer, the new face of Chanel; the list goes on and on. What can we say, we’re sitting on the edge of our seats to see what she will do next.


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Amandla Stenberg 

The 17-year-old American actress Amandla Stenberg is last but certainly not least on our list. Starting out as so many young kids with a dream do with Disney Amandla quickly moved on and had bigger fish to fry landing the character of Rue in the 2012 Hunger Games. This young lady does a whole lot more than just acting work she is also known for her work within the gay community and her political stance with both race and gender. She was even named “Feminist of the Year” in 2015. This firecracker is going going going with no end in sight!

how I feel knowing that black womanhood is a radical revolution against misogynoir – happy #blackout !

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By Indiana Roma Voss

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