Do you spend a lot of time on the internet using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Actually, I don’t spend a lot of time using SNS, but the people around me do. I think the reason why I have a critical eye on it is because my friends and colleagues are using always their smartphones.

Why did you choose #tbt?
Because I used a old painting. You know, I added smart devices on masterpieces. So, I think #tbt is suitable for my works.

How often do you use #tbt for tagging your posts?
As mentioned above, I don’t like SNS. I think there is a social pressure. You have to use SNS if you want to communicate.


Do you think that the people who are shown in your work, would have been happier with an IPad or a smartphone?
Definitely not. The smart devices are just tools. The tools have to make our life convenient, not shaking.
How long did we live without smartphones?

What is the funniest thing you have ever found on the internet?
My graduation photo when I was 16. Why is this on the internet?

Do you have a favourite tumblr?
I don’t have one on tumblr. But I like Murad Osmann’s Instargram.


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