For our current I’M ONLINE issue we asked our favourite internet artists to pick a popular hashtag and create a work of webwowness around it. Click the image or HERE to see the animated #NOFILTER stream  Rollin Leonard (interview below) brought to life for us!



Do you spend a lot of time on the internet using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
I’m almost always logged into Facebook in a forgotten tab in my browser. I haven’t spent much time looking at it recently because our overlords adjusted something where it doesn’t rotate in new posts as frequently. ( I check Twitter once or twice a day @rollinleonard and sometimes conversations happen. I look at Instagram once a week if I remember. I’ve been sorta quiet on social media lately because I’m preparing for two solo shows and I don’t want to leak the images too early.

Why did you choose #nofilter?
Most of my work uses photographs that I take. I spend a lot of time cutting images up, but I do very little to change the colors or photographic effects. Most of the manipulation takes place in the setup of the photo. Also, my plan for the tag dovetailed really well with a project I wanted to do for curator Lorna Mills. Lorna had the brilliant idea of cutting John Burger’s 30 minute episode about art ‘Ways of Something’ into one minute clips and inviting artists to make their own visuals. Currently, it is being screened at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. The project will get a few more public screenings first, but I imagine it will be available online at some point.


How often do you use #nofilter for tagging your posts?
I never use hash tags, but maybe I’ll post some images of police brutality given the delicious #myNYPD tag. Instagram filters only obscure information. People 50 years from now revisiting our photographs will wonder what the fuck was wrong with us. However, fake artifacts of nostalgia have a long tradition. I was in a very old park in Germany once and it was explained to me that the ruins were actually built to look like ruins ages ago. There is probably a lot of history about fake history! If you’re reading this interview and can think of more really old examples, tweet them to me please.

What is the funniest thing you have ever found on the internet?
That’s an impossible question because nearly all of the humor I consume comes through the internet. As I write this I’m listening to stand-up.

Do you have a favourite tumblr? Their project doesn’t work for the dashboard view – you’re supposed to look at it like a regular website. It is a huge collaborative art project where artists take turns adding to one giant pile of connected images. I’m somewhere at the bottom of the pile, but I’m working on something new for March 2015.


tumblr_mzs1ym0aYH1sm44xyo1_500Work in Progress, coming March 2015



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