For our current I’M ONLINE issue we asked our favourite internet artists to pick a popular hashtag and create a work of webwowness around it. Click the image or HERE to see the animated #NOFILTER stream  Soso Phist (interview below) brought to life for us!


Do you spend a lot of time on the internet using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Facebook and tumblr. are basically my life. I’m not addicted. I could stop immediately. But life would be so so much less fun.

Why did you choose #foodporn?
#foodporn chose me.

How often do you use #foodporn for tagging your posts?
Honestly, never. I don’t even use hashtags except of #sosophist when I post my stuff on tumblr. But I don’t get the point of using hashtags on facebook for example. Anyways… most people know that SOSOPHIST stands for FOODPORN. And the ones who don’t know it will find out soon.

What is your favourite meal?
Currently I would say Ebi Tempura Maki, Seaweed Salad or Goma-ae. It changes from week to week. But in most cases it’s asian food, I guess.

Are you following a lot of people (on instagram, twitter, etc.), who are posting their food?
I really hate so-called foodporn on instagram. (I don’t even have a instagram or twitter account) Most of the time it looks so nasty and/or boring. Don’t get me wrong, nasty food can be truly beautiful but not if it’s boring at the same time. …And these filters on instagram are a pain in the ass. I think most people don’t understand the term foodporn or the true meaning of foodporn.

What is the funniest thing you have ever found on the internet?
Probably this:
OR one of these:

Do you have a favourite tumblr.?    
That’s a hard question… Let’s start with a classic –
Also:, png—, and of course