Only 19 and on her way to international music fame – we asked British artists & next-big-thing Rainy Milo to take a #selfie for us and chatted about her favourite places and people online!

Photography Federico Ferrari
Styling Leanne Trigg
Hair Atsushi Takita
Make-up Bobana Parojcic
Photography assistant Marco Marra
Styling assistant Mildred Shotter

rainy23-38_300cmykshirt DI$COUNT UNIVER$E, rings KYLE HOPKINS

What are your top three most visited websites?
Definitely Soundcloud, Facebook to chat to people who are interested in my music, and Tumblr.

Where do you go to find new music?
Soundcloud or YouTube even you know! Oh my god, Soundcloud is like this on-going thing where you click on someone then click through to see who they follow and then who they’re following too… even when I was first making music that’s how I found the stuff I was into, like just searching for ‘jazz instrumentals’ and stuff.

Where do you go to find fashion or style inspirations?
I don’t really follow many fashion blogs, but definitely Tumblr is a good place where it’s easy to spot – if you have a keen eye you can see what’s happening and what people are getting into.

Who’s your favourite Tweeter?
Katt Williams, the comedian – I don’t know if it’s the verified one but it’s just hilarious – really funny.

What was the last thing you tweeted?
Hmm… I was tweeting about Catfish last night, watching it and saying how funny I was finding it.

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?
I follow Pharrell and Lenny Kravitz who I both love.

How many selfies do you take a week?
To be honest, just now was like my selfies for the year! They just end up being really disappointing so I don’t really bother doing it anymore!



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